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Brookwood Enterprises LLC

   Professional Real Estate Investing in the

Finger Lakes 

   About our Investment Company in the Finger Lakes

If you're interested in a local Real Estate Investment Company -turn to Brookwood Enterprises LLC. Our professional team can create extremely fast and hassle-free transactions.We are the premier source for local real estate investing in the Finger Lakes helping homeowners and building communities.

If you need help with real estate services in Clifton Springs, NY, contact us today

Helping Families

If the following describes your situation, CONTACT US TODAY!

  • In a tough situation financially
  • Have tenant challenges
  • Have to relocate for a job
  • Unwanted inheritance
  • Behind on mortgage/property taxes
  • Getting a divorce
  • Filing  Bankruptcy


We will do everything in our power to help. We know first hand that bad things happen to great people. 

We buy homes in Clifton Springs, NY

Honest, Fast, and Professional

We will always give you the absolute best offer possible. We charge: No realtor fees, No home inspection fees, No lawyer fees, No processing fees, Absolutely no cost to you!

We buy homes--all cash, as-is, and we can close fast on your timeline!

We provide solutions to our homeowners: no matter how small or how large. Do you need help with relocation? Do you need help with credit repair? Do you need to find a good lawyer, or accountant? Do you need to help with furniture storage? We can help!

If you’re wondering, “Who can help me sell my house for cash in Clifton Springs, NY?” you’ve come to the right place


If you want sell your house, because you need a new beginning- a fresh start. If your house has become a heavy weight, and you want it lifted off your shoulders; let us help you. Please contact us today!



Have you suffered the loss of a loved one, or is it impending? Do you have a family property that you need to sell? Let us help!

Pre-Foreclosure/Behind on payments

Have you been served a notice of default or has a lis pendens been filed? Have you lost your income and can't make your mortgage  payments? Let us help!

Landlord/Absentee Owner

Are you tired of tenant problems? Are maintenance and handling costs getting to be a burden? Let us help!

Need repairs/Need cash

Do you need to sell but require extensive repairs/renovations? Do you need to sell and need cash fast? Let us help!